If you have questions about how digital transformation can help your company, join us for a walkthrough of PTC's Corporate Experience Center. PTC recreated real-world use cases for digital transformation across their product suites. Learn how companies like yours can:

  • Extract more value from CAD files and other engineering data
  • Encourage collaboration and innovation while boosting efficiency by implementing a Digital Thread
  • Empower your frontline workers by investing in technology that they can use
  • Use real-time reporting data to reduce losses like downtime, scrap, and rework costs
Our agenda:
  • 2pm-4pm -- Presentations and Q&A with PTC and 3 HTi experts
  • 4pm-5pm -- a guided tour of the CXC, including functional test cases for digital transformation, such as:
  • Engineering Excellence -- virtually field test a Polaris side-by-side ATV
  • Digital Thread -- innovate and collaborate like never before when you unleash your data from the engineering department
  • Manufacturing Efficiency -- improve your productivity by driving effectiveness for your workers and their technology
  • Service Optimization -- increase service performance, improve customer satisfaction, and lower your costs
  • 6pm -- enjoy a spectacular dinner at The Palm Boston

reserve your spot for November 3rd

RealWear: Hands-Free Wearables for Industry

Built for rugged environments, RealWear has three options to fit your organization's needs.


The RealWear HMT-1® has been the market leader in industrial wearables since its launch in 2018. Purpose built for the modern frontline workforce, it connects the frontline worker to information and expertise needed to successfully complete job tasks safely and efficiently. It’s an industrial dashboard: there when you need it and out of your way when you don’t.


RealWear HMT-1Z1® is the leading assisted reality wearable for modern frontline employees working in hazardous conditions which require equipment to have ATEX Zone 1 and CSA C1/D1 certification in order to eliminate the risk of sparks and explosions.

Navigator 500

RealWear Navigator™ 500 is the next generation ruggedized assisted reality solution designed to engage, empower and elevate the modern frontline worker. Connect and collaborate with remote experts, follow digital workflows, visualize IoT data and much more. Safely reduce downtime, improve quality and employee productivity, while realizing significant ROI.

digital transformation for industry

3 HTi is your expert guide for digital transformation. Learn why here.

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cxc walkthrough -- get a sneak peek

Check out this video for a teaser of what to expect on a live CXC visit.