The Mark Two 3D Printer has been released!

Now you can print parts, tooling, and fixtures with a higher strength-to-weight ratio than 6061-T6 Aluminum.Carbon Fiber is the lightest, strongest material in the world!  The incredible strength of carbon fiber comes from the long, continuous strands that carry load down the entire part.  This is why space shuttles, rockets, and Formula 1 cars are constructed from continuous strand carbon. And it’s how we print. Don’t settle for plastic with a dash of chopped carbon fill. Longer is stronger.

Mark Two Standard Kit - $5,499.00

- Mark Two 3D Printer
- MarkForg3d software
- Fiberglass filament sample, 50 cm3 (3.06 in3)
- Nylon filament, 1000 cm3 (61 in3)
- 1 x CFF Quick-change nozzle
- 1 x FFF Quick-change nozzle

Mark Two Professional Kit - $8,799.00

Twice the material, start printing in Kevlar!

- Mark Two Composite 3D Printer.
- MarkForg3d software. 
- Premium software support.  

- Kevlar® filament, 100 cm3 (18.3 in3)
- Carbon fiber filament, 100 cm3 (12.2 in3)
- Fiberglass filament, 200 cm3 (18.3 in3)
- Nylon filament, 2000 cm3 (122 in3)
- 3 x CFF Quick-change nozzle
- 3 x FFF Quick-change nozzle
- 1 additional print beds
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The Mark Two 3D printer from MarkForg3d prints parts in Nylon reinforced with continuous strands of Carbon Fiber, Kevlar and Fiberglass right from your desktop! No Post Processing Necessary!

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